Use Cases

Discover how Argus can be used across industries.

Having an expert on call who can provide an extra set of eyes will save time and money while increasing quality. 

Industry examples

Machine Industry

Use Argus to provide remote expertise for difficult or complex machinery or processes. 

Provide support when things go wrong or train employees remotely. Record maintenance and safety checks to easily document.


Provide instruction on complex projects or installations when managing multiple locations at the same time.

Check for any safety issues and save results with screenshots. Explain new machinery and solve problems from a distance.

Offshore & Marine

Provide remote support from anywhere in the world, to anywhere in the world. Use less resources to service a greater area and multiple locations. Less expertise off-shore needed and faster and more efficient support.


Provide an extra pair of eyes when you need to learn, explain or solve problems. One expert can support a range of mechanics.  Bring senior knowledge to junior jobs. Fix complex issues with visual instructions. 

Use cases

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