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Terberg Benschop is a supplier of special-use vehicles. They manufacture vehicles for an extensive range of applications, according to the requirements of their clients.

The opportunity

These customizations can make it difficult for clients to fully grasp the ins and outs of the vehicles. Which can lead to issues of diagnosing the actual damage and issues when the vehicle breaks down or stops working.

The challenge

To currently solve issues like this, an external engineer must be brought in, costing both parties time and resources. To solve this problem, Terborg Benschop was on the look for a solution to reduce the downtime.

The solution

Diagnosing issues can be a time-intensive process, to solve this the Realwear HMT-1 was used. This specific augmented reality device works via voice control and makes it possible to provide clients with remote support on location. When a client calls with vehicle issues, an engineer is dispatched to their location. 

On arrival, the  field worker  start a video call with the expert to give them in the field remote support and advice.  Along with this the 

Realwear HMT-1 can also be used to stream live images to a remote expert for extra advice and information for issues. This type of support and service, can reduce vehicle downtime and save the client money.

The results

This method of maintenance ensures that the vehicles can get back on the road faster, that the maintenance times are reduced and that the level of support is higher. The Realwear works on Wifi and 4G and can be used in any location. 

Terberg Benschop believes that this is the future of product maintenance. The chance to get remote expertise is even used as an item on Terberg Benschops service portfolio.

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