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Increased efficiency and reduction in costs and ecological footprint.


Inteqnion design, builds and implements control and automation solutions for the processing industry. While the company is based in The Netherlands they operate globally for a diverse number of industries. The company calls itself the ‘process improvers’ which means they are always on the lookout to improve their service and operate more efficiently.

The opportunity

The solutions Inteqnion offers vary from the building of control systems, temperature monitoring to complete (software) engineering solutions. Besides manufacturing they also offer global service and support.

The challenge

The equipment is built in the Netherlands and must be installed on site. For this, Inteqnion personnel are sent to the location. In some cases, local experts are hired. In some cases, the expertise of the local parties is insufficient, causing problems or delays. 

The solution

To optimize the process and provide better handling and support, Inteqnion purchased 2 Realware headsets.  Combined with Argus these offers the possibility to view and give instructions remotely. 

For Inteqnion this means that more work can be outsourced to local engineers. When instructions are needed or problems arise Inteqnion can be contacted through Argus. 

Giving their specialist a complete view of the work being performed and providing visual and audible instructions. When the work is finished a few screenshots are taken for documentation of the work performed. 

The results

By using Argus Inteqnion achieved the following

  • Faster completion of international projects, support and maintenance
  • Reduce carbon footprint by less travel and de-man of operations
  • Less risks for customers due to immediate support from experts.
  • Cost savings by all of the above.

The advantages of Argus’s on premise solutions also means the most safe way of data management and communication. Since Inteqnion operates in remote locations the great performance under low bandwidth has been of use in multiple occasions.

Lastly the Covid-19 situation has made this case even more relevant. Due to the success of this case Inteqnion is looking at a wider application of remote expertise.

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