Food Processing

Remote Expertise
Frontline worker + Machine Expert
Multiple throughout Netherlands
Saving time and cost since experts can work from home


The client is a food processing company who operates in a diverse range of industries. Part of their job is maintaining the big complex machines they use. They used to do this by sending machine experts throughout the country to visit the machines.

The opportunity

The company saw opportunity to decrease cost and use the time of the machine expert more efficiently. The expert should work from home and can therefore handle a lot more cases. One of the opportunities of the future is the downscaling of frontline workers. Since the expert is guiding the frontline workers they will not need a large amount of education.

The challenge

The biggest challenge is the adaptation of the solution, both by the machine expert and the frontline worker. From our experience we have seen that there are people who are not so willing to adapt new technologies.

The solution

The package consist of the Realwear HMT-1 in combination with the Teamviewer software. In order to stimulate the adaptation we gave a training in the usage of the Realwear HMT-1. Besides learning them the technical aspects we try to stimulate the trainees to adopt the solution. 

The results

The company is successfully using the solutions throughout locations in the Netherlands. Experts can work from one location and are doing more maintenance cases than ever before. This saves costs and increases the efficiency.

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