Platform for remote support

A user-friendly and straightforward approach to remote expertise. All the features you need to unlock expertise anywhere and anytime

Core Features

Argus is a straightforward and user friendly approach to remote expertise using AR. Offering an optimal call experience with essential features like snapshots and annotations.


Focus on performance​

An optimal video stream and call experience are the core features of Argus.

We make sure you stay connected under the most extreme circumstances.

Always connected

Argus functions under low bandwidth conditions on remote locations.

You can change the video settings on the go to ensure you always have a stable connection.


Place markers and draw annotations to accurately guide the field worker with .

Send over PDF’s for the user to view and take screenshots during a call to document your work. 

Users & Device management

Argus offers easy device management from the dashboard.
 You can search for devices, check their info and add new ones.

Manage devices​

Add devices by simply scanning a QR code or entering a code. 

View and edit device info like the name, serial number, battery status and operating system. 

View connection status, history and call instantly. 

Manage users

Add an unlimited amount of users from the dashboard.  Simply add them by email and assign them a role like administrator or user.

Register when they were last online, give them admin rights or (temporarily) block them from using Argus.

Manage organizations

As an admin you can manage multiple organizations.
This can be useful when working as a third party supplier or when working across different departments or locations.

Product Features

Everything you need to unlock remote expertise, anywhere.

User management
  • Add / delete / manage users
  • Create multiple organizations
Expert toolkit
  • Place markers during a call
  • Draw annnotations
  • Upload PDF for user to view
  • Take screenshots during call
Video stream
  • Manage video quality settings during call
  • Optimized for low bandwidth &
    high latency conditions
Device management
  • Manage multiple devices
  • See usage statistics
  • Realwear
  • Android

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Everything you need to unlock remote expertise, anywhere.

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