How the machine industry can benefit from AR remote support

The machine industry plays an important role in the economy. Companies that are active in this sector face many challenges and have to deal with large interests.

From the assembly line to support on location, a diligent working ethic and optimal communication between all employees is imperative to achieve company goals.

In order to stay relevant and successful it’s important to implement new tools and technology. Augmented reality has proven itself as a valuable tool for the machine industry in various ways.

AR remote support for instance, this is a novel way to improve the quality of operations within the company. How can the machine industry benefit from AR remote support?

Save time on the assembly line

This industry in particular makes great use of both heavy machinery as the skills of employees. Man and machine work together in order to create all sorts of new products.

The assembly line has been a mainstay since the industrial revolution took place. Every cog in the wheel has to work perfectly in order for the system to operate.

When there are issues a fast response rate is of the utmost importance. With AR remote support the issues can be fixed faster. Instead of notifying a supervisor and waiting for a resolution a specialist can be deployed with just a tap on the smart glasses or even with hands free voice control.

Every movement counts

Efficiency is one of the most important aspects in the machine industry, right along with safety. With AR remote support both issues can be tackled at once. The workplace is arranged for a minimum amount of movements. This way an employee does not have to strain oneself in order to execute the tasks required.

This is not only good for the staff, it also reduces downtime and medical issues. When employees have to communicate they will have to go from one place to another. This not only reduces the efficiency on the workfloor, it also leads to potential hazardous situations. If a real-time augmented reality connection can be established, the employee can remain at the workstation.

Also, a supervisor or colleague will not have to traverse the workfloor in order to provide prompt assistance. The machine industry is particularly vulnerable for accidents in the workplace. Increase efficiency and reduce accidents with AR remote support.

Positive reinforcement

In an ideal situation every employee will give their best, and is able to communicate with every colleague they encounter. In reality where people work people will also argue. One specific annoyance in the machine industry is the dreaded supervisor who peeks over the shoulder of the worker.

Even if the supervisor means well and is there to assist it can be interpreted as invasive. You could say that this is a personal issue that doesn’t have to be addressed, however in larger scope the value of positive reinforcement should not be understated.

A supervisor can casually ‘pop in’ with audio, video or other visual content displayed on the screen of smart AR glasses, like the Realwear HMT-1. This can be done when asked, or proactive. It might seem counter intuitive, but an approach with more physical distance can actually improve communication and interactions in the work environment.

AR remote support on location

Up until this point we have illustrated a couple of benefits of using AR remote support in the workplace. But a lot of tasks in the machine industry take place in other locations, for instance when performing maintenance at the facilities of the customers. Below are two very useful implementations of AR remote support on location:

1. Assist your own personnel on location

You might have several technicians on staff that travel all over the country or even the world to provide assistance to your clients. They possess the equipment and training to perform a wide range of tasks at external locations. With AR remote support they can call upon extra assistance.

A pair of smart glasses can replace a mobile phone, the added benefit of hands free operation and voice control will make external communication a lot easier. It can also save time, the augmented assistant can look up information while the employee on site works on the task at hand.

This will allow the service technician to work faster, and solve more issues for many customers.

2. Assist client employees

If the client is also in possession of augmented reality hardware, it might be an option to provide virtual assistance from another location. Instead of a regular helpdesk operator a certified expert can guide the customer through the required steps and solve the situation.

The client will not only appreciate the assistance but also how fast the resolution will be implemented. Every machine industry service assistant knows how many problems can be fixed, if you’d just have an extra pair of eyes on location.

AR remote support provides those eyes, with added features that only advanced cloud computing can offer.

AR remote support is a solution for both internal and external challenges in the machine industry.

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